Mountain Madness Soap

Designed and Developed by Brian, for Bahlr Media

Www mountainmadnesssoap com
Www mountainmadnesssoap com

E-Commerce Sites Built to Clean Up

Mountain Madness is a local, handmade soap company based in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. The owners embrace all-natural, organic living, and their brand reflects this in how the product is made, and how the store is portrayed beyond the front doors of their small, local shop.

Working with hundreds or thousands of different products can be a difficult endeavor. Mountain Madness was already using the Shopify e-commerce platform as their in-store Point of Sale system, which made transitioning their outdated website into a fully featured online store very seamless.

The Shopify CMS is very simple for managing online inventories, adding and tracking products. Since their store inventory was already being handled through Shopify, we built a website around the existing products and were able to launch with their entire catalog.

The previous website was being used primarily to call out the local brick and mortar's location. The new website does that as well, and is branded to Mountain Madness' bright, floral aesthetic. They are now better able to tell their story, attract new customers, and ship thier amazing products nationwide.

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