Hart Capital Management

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Homepage desktop
Homepage desktop

Building a Website for Financial Consultants

Hart Capital Management is a financial consultant based in Spokane, Washington and Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. They focus primarily on high-value clients with portfolios in the six and seven figures.

What they Needed

Hart's previous website was showing its age, and it was very important to refresh their look while keeping within their established brand. I was tasked with building the website after a design created with Seejepp Studio. The design was very grid-focused, and incorporated a lot of video and animation.

How I Helped

I put a lot of focus on the user flow, and created animations built to draw the user's attention to specific pieces of the site, including the calls to action we wanted them to follow. Hart Capital had a lot of video content the wanted to portray on the website as well, and we included lightweight video backgrounds for desktop users on their main hero sections, when the page loads in. I integrated videos into pages and blogs, so Hart could add YouTube or Vimeo videos to blogs or the team pages.

The site was also built with on-page SEO in mind. Everything from the meta titles, descriptions and keywords, to the Facebook and Twitter open graph images are able to be set per page, so page shares will be cohesive with the brand.

Reach Out and Grab Your Target Audience

My skills lie in conversion for your target audience. I do the research, and put in the time to find the best possible solutions to acquiring the leads or sales you're looking for.

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