What is Shopify and Why Do I Use It?

In a wide world of hosted E-Commerce solutions, it's important to find the best tools available.

Do You Want to Sell Online?

It's a wide, wide world out there, full of opportunity. It's getting harder and harder to succeed without having an online presence, and now it's just as difficult if you aren't selling your products online. So how do you get your products in front of customers ready to buy? You build a website, put the products up and direct users to it. That's what I specialize in.

The Shopify Platform

I am a Shopify affiliate, and proud of it. Shopify as a platform is incredible, and it makes maintaining an online store very straightforward. Everything is designed to ease the flow of time, money and attention to where it needs to be. From adding products, creating collections, informational pages, blogs and more, it's very easy to get into.

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Your Products, Online

You can create as many products as you need, with a ton of customization options available through product variants. Group your products into collections based on the product type, price, tags, even what's best-selling or new. Managing huge product catalogs is never easy, but it's very straightforward with Shopify.

Themes and Customization

The themes that are available are beautiful, since Shopify has very strict design requirements for what they will allow on the official theme store. This means that you can get up and running quickly. I'm a designer and developer, and I love that Shopify lets me get into the code and tweak themes, add new sections and options, and really customize my clients' stores.

Hosted E-Commerce

Shopify is fully hosted, so it's also super easy to deal with. The monthly fee includes web hosting, so you don't need to worry about it. Shopping cart functionality, store-wide search, fully fleshed-out shipping management, checkouts and everything are provided immediately and very simple to set up. Stores are expandable through hundreds of apps that extend the functionality even more.

Since Shopify is hosted, they also provide incredible support. 24/7 technical assistance and ongoing platform maintenance and upgrades keeps your store up and earning. SSL is also provided, which keeps your customers' transactions safe and private.

Powerful Analytics

Shopify provides a wealth of analytics to keep you updated on how your store is performing. From best-selling products to where your customers are visiting from, it's very simple to gauge your store's health at a glance. Your store is also ready for Google Analytics and your Facebook Pixel right out of the box, which gives you even more powerful analytics tools.

Start Selling Online

Shopify has over 800,000 stores. There's a reason for that. Don't miss out on bringing your products and brand online. Check out Shopify yourself, or Contact Me to help build your online store.

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