Domains and Web Hosting

Host with Brian, and let me take care of it.

I offer multiple hosting packages with cost and features in mind. Your data is always secure and backed up. It's very important that your website runs at peak performance under any load, so I will always be available to give my recommendations.

I can also register and manage your domains. Looking for a new .com? I can find it and get your website running on it.

Please Contact Me with any questions!

Private Hosting - Starting at $60 / month

  • Includes free SSL from Let's Encrypt

Private hosting means that you will have a server completely to yourself for your own data. While shared hosting is very secure and other users won't be able to find your files, you will be sharing server resources. This is usually not an issue for smaller websites without much traffic, but for popular websites with a lot of traffic, it's important to be able to closely monitor your server and know that nobody else's activity will affect yours.

Shared Hosting - Starting at $35 / month

  • A very cost-efficient solution
  • SSL services available

For new websites, or simple sites without thousands of hits per day, shared hosting is perfectly viable. Your data is always safe from any other users.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) - $10 / month

  • Keep your users safe from attacks
  • Keep your customers' payment information safe from hackers

An SSL is a necessity on the modern web. It's so important to protect your users' information. Adding that little lock and https:// to the start of the URL builds trust for your website and security for your users.

Domain Registration - $25 / year per domain

Looking for a new domain to park your website on? Found a great domain name but don't yet have anything to put on it? Domains can get tricky, let me handle your records for a simple annual fee. I'll take care of any needs, including adding new A, CNAME or other records. Or I can forward the domain to another you own until you're ready to put something amazing on it.