What is Craft CMS and Why Do You Use It?

Content Management made for developers and end-users.

What is Craft CMS?

Craft is a Content Management System (CMS) built with the intent of creating very dynamic, custom websites. A Content Management System is a website tool that makes updating information much easier for the owner of that website. It removes the need for a developer to change minor things like text or images, while remaining consistent with the structure and design of the page.

Craft Versus Wordpress

Wordpress is hands down the most popular CMS that is available right now. For simple sites, it's a good way for users to add new pages and blog posts, and it's great for that! But websites are becoming more and more complex as time goes on, and it's more common for even small businesses to need more functionality with their websites. Craft CMS allows that flexibility, because it's not constrained.

Wordpress was built as a blogging tool. It was meant specifically to quickly create a website for blogging or basic brochure-type experiences. As time went on, more and more developers created plugins to add new functionality and customization to the basic Wordpress core. It's worked, Wordpress is now a full-blown CMS with a ton of potential. However, it's also bloated, confusing and inconsistent on how it works when so many additions are added.

Craft is built to be custom from the get go. It's made for developers. There are no themes. Nothing is automatically added except for the basic functionality, which allows us to create our own entry types, fields, asset sources, everything. It's customizable from the ground up. Instead of Pages and Posts like Wordpress has, we can create any structure we want. We can add your business' services and connect to them dynamically. We can build out a list of your team members that you can re-arrange, disable and update as you see fit. I have worked on websites that used these structures for things like classified ads, educational courses and quizzes, products and more. It's endless. And it's fast. Not being force to rely on Wordpress' aging architecture and piles of plugins lets us keep our websites clean and quick.

What Does This Mean for You?

I can nerd out all day on why Craft is awesome for me, the developer. That doesn't mean much to you though. You just want a website to show your customers, clients or employees. You need something that entices users to perform an action, to convert their time and attention into something useable to you. Whether that's income, exposure, or anything else, it's just better with Craft. The Usability on the content creator's end is streamlined and simple. You create entries and you fill those entries out, that's it. Everything else is handled by my code and Craft's system.

I encourage you to check out Craft CMS for yourself. Take a tour of their site, get familiar with their system. Then Contact Me to get started on a new project!

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